We like to keep our rainbow people smart, educated and ahead of the curve, so here is some special knowledge for you.

I personnally never heard of this thing “Maspalomas” nor “Gran Canaria” or “circuit parties” before 2018. Then you know what happened (c19) and during my free time I discovered Esther Abraham Hicks, who is one of the firsts who made “The Law of Attraction” popular when she appeared in the documentary “The Secret” (now on Netflix). She tours the world with her workshop to teach this wisdom.

Fast forward to today, and I am now living on Earth’s kind of secret gay paradise in the Canary Islands. Real life heaven with everlasting tropical weather, beach and hot men who love men… Our whole endeavor is a testimony proof that her teachings work.

Watch the video below to know about how you can manifest all of your own desires and discover all about the “vortex of creation”.

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