Drag race france cast rUVeaLed

Salut les poufiasses! The cast of Drag Race France has finally been revelead. Starting June 25th, it will air every Thursday on France TV Slash in France and Wow Presents Plus everywhere else.

Nicky Doll scored big by filling Rupaul’s shoes. She will be assisted by judges Daphné Burki and Kiddy Smile. Maybe Bilal Hassani could appear as a guest judge.

The drag queens cast is La Big Bertha, La Briochée, Elips, La Grande Dame, La Kahena, Kam Hugh, Lolita Banana, Lova Ladiva, Paloma et Soa de Muse.

Looking forward to what Paris and the rest of France has to offer as the country is known for its great haute couture fashion.

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